Spiritual Healing

Good Faith Paradigm is the platform of a modern divine revelation. Spiritual prophacies combined with the LORD's phenomena in our universe compliment recent scientific discoveries giving us an edge in accelerating spiritual growth and anticipating further human progression achieved through material sciences and harnessing the power of computation.
To be as one family, one consciousness, one puropse, one love; is the greatest manifestation of the Holy Spirit. To expand accross the vastness of space, but through the light of an incomprehensiable miraculous moment, the truth of reproduction made in the image of mankind. Life spontaniously combusting as sure as sprites are a spritual spark electrically charged by the energy of our great star....The Sun. This moment as sacred as the first man walking on the moon, the utterence of the first word, the invention of dynamite, or a number of transformative innovations or accopmlishments leveraged by the general awareness of the human species. Good Faith Paradigm calls this awareness, Collective Consciousness.

There is a portal of the Holy Spirit present amoungst the awareness of mankind now.

Alien is defined as being not of earth. In this sense, the manifestation of vibrations occuring in other plantary systems represented symetrically throughout the universe is our decree.

Angel on Fire

Collective Consciousness

Good Faith Paradigm recognizes the alchemist componet of human progression and understands emerging methods and nano technologies will usher in a new era of awareness reimagining the relationships of tomorrow.


In exercising our sacred practice we recognize the Sprouse family lineage. Christ Conscious. Love. Honor. Light. Life. Force.

We Will Be in Touch